Indian Agate Crystal Bracelet

Bespoke Made By Laura

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Indian Agate has amazing healing properties, it's a beautiful green and white marbled stone presented in a white gift box along with a card explaining the unique properties of Indian Agate and a mantra to help enforce the healing energy from the Agate .

the Mantra reads "I'm Strong and secure. I accept my imperfections and am at peace."

the properties of Indian Agate are: *positive acceptance. *inspires gratitude. * growth of inner beauty *emotional security. *Provides peace and tranquillity.
Indian Agate is great for a person who struggles accepting the things they cannot change or fails to see their own strengths or inner beauty.

Agate is a great gift for a teenager or a young lady or young man who are just finding her own personality. A good gift for a dear friend who is going through some emotional turmoil or a difficult transition.

My Crystal healing bracelets are my own contemporary design, made in the spirit of fashion with semi precious Crystals and cut glass beads ,they have an adjustable closer and can be altered to fit most sizes if you have any specific requirements with regards to size or colour combinations or if you'd like a unique or personalised message please contact my via my shop directly and we can arrange this

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