Imperial Jasper Crystal healing bracelet

Bespoke Made By Laura

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Stunning adjustable Imperial Jasper gift bracelet, Presented in an individual gift box.

Includes a sliding presentation box, a Crystal properties card, a Crystal Mantra and a beautiful Imperial Jasper bracelet.

Imperial Jasper is known for emotional balance and inspires gratitude gives clarity of vision.

Imperial Jasper is a great gift for anyone who needs a confidence boost or is struggling to find their inner voice, giving the help to find faith and confordince in themselves .

This stone is perfect for a teenagers birthday present, a great gifts for a best friend, a little bit of luck for upcoming exams or for anyone starting a new business ,career path or school studies .

My Crystal bracelets are my own design based on minimalist current fashions.

They are easily adjustable in size and on trend with modern fashions.

They are made to be stackable so you can build a collection of your favourite colours or wear multiple designs based on which properties help to enhance your own personality.

New designs added regularly, please check out my shop for more options 💕